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I often cut coupons, check store flyers for the best price and search online. I even sign up for newsletters on products and deal sites. I hit different stores in search for the best prices verses the large bulk mega marts. Often the prices where more or the same by units but packaged in large quantities. I ended up buying a lot of a few things and wasting half of it. I prefer buying a little of everything I want and not paying markup. It’s a little extra time but I save a lot of money. During my search for deals I noticed patterns and have been able to improve my game plan and save even more time buy hitting stores for what I know they always carry at the best price. Like Dollar General always has the best price for paper products and name brand cleaners. Dollar Tree is best for crafts, party supplies, snack food, trying new product that are being test marketed, and indoor holiday decorations. I shop a local grocery store Terry’s Market for meat, and produce. Winn-Dixie is my go to chain grocery store for the best price in Milk, Eggs, Dairy, and my favorite name brand products like Claussen Kosher pickles.

I live in the beaches area of Jacksonville, Florida and this information on best stores might be different in your area. So, I suggest studying your local mailers for awhile and look over the tips below.

1. First tip to saving “Know what you buy often!” this is key. If you know you want, you can find the best deal for it. Example I like Cheese It’s but not at around $5 a box. I noticed they are always buy one get one once a moth so I wait until then to buy them. This is true for almost anything in a grocery store.

2. Second just as import as the first, know what you need and when you need it. As they say “Buy before your need.” Just like in dieting eat before your hungry, because you will eat anything once you are starved. If you need something you are more likely to pay more for it, right?


3. Searching flyers for coupons of products you already buy. I never buy something just because I have a coupon. If I really like a product I will go to the company site and sign up for their newsletters that are more likely to email a freebie. Before signing up for newsletters and freebie sites you will want to create a email just for deals.

4. Don’t be afraid to try off brands. Experiment if you see a off brand product is cheaper try it. If you hate it don’t buy it again, but don’t surprised if you do. Very often I like the off brands better because it’s from a closer factory or even a local farm in the case of milk or eggs. It’s all about finding the best deal for you. Like in the case of Cheese It’s, off brands I tried where not so good.

5. Sing up for birthday Freebies! They are great. has a great list, they also have free catalogs I got two free months of Vogue and Marie Claire.

6. Freebie sites are great! I like these sites Tip to freebies be fast when you get a email telling you about a freebie grab it. Deals are often limited and you want to get it before it’s gone.

7. Coupons other then local mailers online has a variety of options has some good coupons. has some great deals. It your looking for some in particular I say google it plus deal or coupon in the search and see what pops up.

8. Last tip Never sign up for a site that wants your credit card information, or you to buy something to receive something free. Free should be FREE! Right? Don’t let me get started and please share your thoughts below I would love to here how some of you save money.

I leave you with a great local Jacksonville deal for a free tour of the local Budweiser Brewery

and a link to the best newsletter I ever found I have gotten hundreds of dollars of freebies.

free samples

Thanks for reading my blog and Good Luck!

—Ashley Crossman

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